Getting Started – Your Athena Pro Licence

Getting Started – Your Athena Pro Licence


Congratulations on purchasing Athena Pro! You should have received an email from Smartcat containing your licence number, a link to generate your invoice, and a link to download your compressed theme files.

Once you’ve downloaded the theme files, there are two ways to install them on your WordPress site:

Option 1: Upload Athena directly to WordPress

1. Navigate to Appearance > Themes in your WordPress dashboard.
2. Click Add New
3. Click Upload Theme
4. Click Choose File and select the compressed (.zip) Athena file you just downloaded from your computer.
5. Click Install Now.
6. To make Athena the active theme on your site, click Activate.

NOTE – Some Mac computers automatically decompress .zip files on download.
If you’re on a Mac and can’t find your .zip file, double check your download settings.

Option 2: Install Athena through the Root Folder

1. Decompress the Athena (.zip) file that has just
downloaded to your machine by double-clicking.
2. In your the root folder of your WordPress install, navigate to wp-content > Themes.
3. Copy and paste the Athena file into Themes.
4. Reload your WordPress dashboard, and click Themes. You should now see Athena included.
5. To make Athena the active theme on your site, click Activate.

Activating Your Athena Pro Licence

After activating the Athena Pro theme on your site, click on Appearance > Athena Licence.

Copy and paste your licence key into the blank field, click Save, then Activate Licence.

Trying to activate the Athena Pro licence on a second WordPress site without first deactivating it from the first site will not work. To deactivate your licence, delete it from the field on the Zeal Licence page and click save.

Deleting your WordPress install without first deactivating your Athena Pro licence theme will not result deactivate the licence. Rather it may make it impossible for you deactivate the licence, or reactivate it on a new site, thus rendering your licence useless.

It is the user’s responsibility to deactivate their Athena Pro Licence when moving the theme between sites. Smartcat cannot recover a licence that has been lost in this way.

One-Click Set Up – Importing Settings from Free To Pro

If you started with the free version of Athena, you may want to import those settings. You can do so from the same Athena Licence Page.

Your settings will be replicated in Athena Pro. Please note that the import will override any changes you may have made in Pro version thus far.

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